Thank you

Thanks again for helping me relieve my pain, anxiety, insomnia, and nausea. I live in pain every second of my life. I do everything possible to relieve it. I see a pain management specialist, go to physical therapy and see a chiropractor twice a week. I use TENs garments, ice packs, heat packs, braces, and herbal supplements. I do yoga and meditation. Out of everything I do to relieve my symptoms your CBD juice helps me more than anything—even the prescription medications. Please never go out of business. I am more than grateful for the quality products you provide! You're making a real difference in my life!

Another 5 star product!

After trying cbd from other vendors, I found Napa Valley. Not only are their products superior to any others I tried, the prices are much more affordable. I know when I buy from here that I am actually getting the cbd content stated on the labels, which is SO not true of many other, more expensive cbd products out there. I add some of the blue dream to my blue raspberry flavored cbd vape and it kicks up the benefits even more. I have fibromyalgia and pain from two neck surgeries. I had also taken antacids daily for ten years. Still cannot believe that since using cbd, I have had no more digestive issues and the full body aches are hugely reduced. Napa's customer service is fantastic as well.


Awesome Product!

This is truly the best CBD I've ever tried! Works amazing for my anxiety. So happy to finally find an oil that works. Great product, great company!!

Excellent product

This is an excellent product! It definitely helps with all that ails me--sever chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety. I have tried full spectrum CBD products with terpenes from other brands, and this one was by far the most effective. It mixes well with other berry flavored vape juices. I highly recommend this product and look forward to trying the other products in this line.

Try it! You won't regret it.

My now wife turned me on to CBD products. She discovered them about a year ago while looking for a more natural solution in her battle for chronic pain. I have a shoulder injury that I have been prescribed medications and physical therapy for. The pain in my shoulder would keep me up at night even with the medications and after my physical therapy was completed. I tried the Napa Valley CBD she normally uses and it was extremely helpful. Then, she received a sample of the Blue Dream CBD with Terpenes. I mixed a little in with my berry flavored vape juice before bed every night and found myself sleeping through the night and waking up with less swelling in my shoulder. After a long day at work, I would come home and mix it in with my regular berry flavored vape juice and actually get to enjoy a pain-free evening with my family because of it. When I was going through physical therapy--constantly exercising my shoulder on top of working 10 hour days as a commercial electrician--this product would ease the pain and swelling in my overworked shoulder. For anybody who is hesitant to try Napa Valley CBD products with terpenes just go for it! You won't regret it. The strength of their products is consistent and always effective, and their delivery time is quick and reliable. You also can't beat their customer service. If you have a question about which product is best for you or a loved one, don't be afraid to ask. They know their stuff! Thanks Napa Valley Vape!

Anxiety? Insomnia? Try these!


I have spent a lot of time and money trying different medications to deal with my anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and insomnia. You can taste the CBD in these gummies, but it adds to the flavor instead of overpowering it. Anytime I am feeling super anxious or am having a difficult time sleeping, I turn to these little bears for relief. Every Napa Valley Vape product I have tried delivered superior results. I am super impressed with this brand!


Defense CBD Hemp Oil for my insomnia


I started using the Hemp oil for my anxiety a couple of years ago now from this merchant and right away I noticed a big change in my anxiety levels and a reduction in panic attacks but I also noticed something else which was I started sleeping better. Then I started the vapes and that also was really helpful. I decided to only vape and stop using the oil thinking that the vape would be enough. After about a month, I noticed I was still relaxed by my sleep wasn't as good as it had been when also taking the oil so I started the oil again and my good sleep returned. The oil definitely helps my sleep better. Recently, my 8 year old started having some defiance and focus issues and is also quite anxious. I didn't want to start him on prescription meds so young so I decided to start giving him this Defense oil. I started with one dropper full once a day and then moved it to one dropper full 2 times a day and I must say that immediately, his focus issues went away and his defiance lessened! He is much less anxious now as well. My husband and I would much rather pay for the Defense oil and give this to him everyday than to put him on prescription meds. I trust this product to myself and my child and I only trust this merchant from which to purchase it. Napa Valley Vape is trustworthy, reliable and personable and easy to work with if you have any special needs.



The best cbd vape

I been vaping for a few years now.I started with cbd several months ago and I was glad to find a matural option for my anxiety I had diferant vape from other companies.then a freind recomended napa valley vape and I orderd a strawberry flavor and OMG I was able to feel the diferance after few hits and the flavor is amazing.I never went to the other products again this is the best and every flavor I tried from napa is great.and the shipping is fast.


Best CBD on the market!


Title says it all, this is truly the best CBD I've ever vaped. I cant live without it! Fast shipping, great flavor, great company!


Great CBD

Great CBD, ships fast and I love the flavor. Best there is!

One of my favorite flavors!

Using the hemp vapes along with the drops helps me to sleep like a baby which is something I haven't done in a long time. It also helps me with my anxiety issues and I haven't had a real panic attack in a long time. I highly recommend trying the CBD vape for anxiety and insomnia.
I don't trust any other online site from which to purchase my products. This site is dependable and quick and personable!

Really tastes like Skittles!

I can't believe how much this vape really tastes like Skittles!! I love it! It is flavorful and smooth and helps me to relax better than any medicine I have ever been prescribed!


Great product. I suffer from insomnia, and CBD seems to help a lot but beware, not all CBD is created equally. This is top of the line stuff right here. I can't recommend this enough!



It's nice to find someone who takes such pride in creating a product of the upmost quality as I have experienced with my first time using Napa Valley Vape. My order was at my door within a couple of days and I've had no problems what so ever with the packaging or the product. I particularly enjoyed the pineapple flavor as it is very subtle yet apparent - that it's more than just the natural flavors of cbd oil for vaping. I look forward to trying the 1000ml in butterscotch, which I will order soon and I look forward to a quality product in a timely manner. I feel that I will quite easily forge a relationship with my family and this company since it's obvious that they're doing this for the right reasons.


Game changer!! Best quality CBD oil I have found!

I am 36 years old and live with chronic pain. I am a candidate for a full hip replacement, have had knee surgery, and have had all the bones crushed in top of my foot. I also suffer from arthritis, migraines, insomnia, and anxiety. I am prescribed several opioid medications, muscle relaxers, and an anti-inflammatory to take on a daily basis. I wasted alot of money when I first discovered CBD oil, then I found Napa Valley. It manages my pain better than my medications. I have also tried several prescription meds for sleep and anxiety. If I fill my 2ml vape with this juice and smoke away, I experiance at least half of the daily pain and swelling that I normally do. A few puffs before bed and I go right to sleep. My anxiety has almost disappeared since I started using Napa Valley CBD oil. I am also using it to quit smoking. Nothing has helped kill the cravings for a cigarette like Napa Valleys CBD oil. Thank you for helping to ease the pain!


Best tasting strawberry e liquid

I tried many flavors from other companies this is the best flavor and the relaxing effect is instant

Best CBD-OIL made and I had many tested he cured my cancer.

I was scared to death when I was told I had Bladder cancer. Then I started to do research and read every book I could get my hands on. Then I found Dave his was the best tasting and his lab test showed there was more CBD-0IL by volume than the bottle said, this is one great company no need to go any place other than here.

Thank you!

Your CBD vape oil helps my fiancé's chronic pain and swelling as much, if not more than her prescription pain medications. She has a bad right knee and also still requires a right full hip replacement and the bones in her right foot fused back together. I used the sample of the Blue Dream you sent me a while back. Thank you! It couldn't have come at a better time! I was suffering from a shoulder injury when you sent it to me and I could definitely feel a difference in my shoulder pain and swelling after vaping the Blue Dream CBD. My fiance has tried other CBD products from other companies, but none of them work as well as yours! Now that your CBD products are down to a price we can regularly afford, and because of the quality of your products, and your outstanding customer service you can guarantee that we will be ordering all of her CBD products from you! She tells everyone she knows that lives with chronic pain or cancer about your products. Thank you for helping to ease my soon-to-be wife's pain and giving her a better quality of life!

Strongest CBD I have ever tried and mixes well with all my favorite vapes!

I live with chronic pain. I have several medical conditions that cause constant swelling in my leg and hip. My pain doctor prescribes me several medications for my conditions, but Napa Valley Vape's 1000mg CBD oil helps with the pain and swelling more than my doctor prescribed medications. I also have anxiety and issues falling asleep and staying asleep. This oils calms my anxiety and will help put me right to sleep at night. I just vape a little more of the CBD oil than I would smoke during the day, and I fall right to sleep. Thank you, Napa Valley Vape for helping me have a better quality of life!


This is the strongest concentration of CBD I've tried. It works very well on its own, but I personally like to mix it with my favorite ejuice. Can't go wrong with Napa Valley products. Thank you!

High Quality Purity diverse Line of CBD

One of the Purest CBD line available on the Market. One must try this line to experience the high Quality of this diverse product Line. This is the Best Value for your Money I have tried many of the Products in this Line and must say that I am extremely satisfied with the Quality and Results of these products. Try It You will Like It !!! Oh The Pricing is Fantastic as well.


A Company that cares

I've been researching CBD products for the past year. There are so many companies that offer so many types of products with various amounts of CBD it was confusing where to begin. I contacted many... MANY online companies for get advice on where to start. I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 11 years without the use of drugs. The folks at Napa Valley gave me the quality time helping my understand more about CBD than my 12 months of research ever did. They also directed me to legitimate information that gave me the confidence to try PureDiol Capsules with Tumeric. My ease of movement has improved and I simply have a more relaxed and happier take on the world these days. The only thing I regret, is not finding this company a year ago! Thanks!

I gave my Prescriptions back to my doctor

What a life changing product! I'm amazed how well this worked for me 20 years of pain medication and I never had results like this. Two weeks ago, I handed my unused portions of my prescriptions to my pain management doctor and told her it's time to go back to medical school. I will continue to recommend it to my friends and family.

Psoriasis NO MORE!!!

What can I say. I have suffered with plaque psoriasis since the age of 13 and trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I have submitted before, during and after photos to this website for you to see. They aren't the best images as I took them with my phone to send to a friend. But you can clearly see the results of PureDiol would foster the proof. After 40 years of Dermatologist appts, cortisone pills, shots, etc., I finally have clear skin and no itching. I have always hoped to some day be able to wear summer dresses and sandals without being embarrassed by shocked looks and questions about "What happened to your ankles"? Never thought anything would have such a successful end result as this has. I've read on many sites that a 3 month regimen 3 times a day was recommended. I completed that about a year ago and I still have clear skin. WHY IS THIS NOT HEADLINE NEWS? The Napa Valley team is so knowledgeable and friendly. They really know their products and answered all my questions and delivery is always fast.

I can't say enough about this company and this product.

Great help for me

I have been using this for yrs even before cancer. It has helped with my immune system, my arthritis in my hands and knees. I have been able to cut back on my pain meds for it. I was not sure about the product at first. I did not see any changes in the beginning it took a while then it started to work. I was very happily surprised. I use it twice a day under my tongue. I desided to us a flavored one. Read up on all the benifits it can bring and try it for a few months. Don't give up. Thank you Napa Valley Vape Jay

Just Do it!

Works great! Best quality and potency for the price I found.

Life changing CBD PureDiol Gold Oral

I have a form of MS and have been taking this product about a year. I find after taking a small amount ( size of a grain of rice) under my tongue it not only relaxes me but also helps me sleep right through a pain episode I occasionally come down with- LIFE CHANGING FOR ME!!