Anti-cancer drugs in leukemia Posted on 7 Jun 09:20

Science / cells: basic research shows that non-psychotropic cannabinoids cannabidiol are effective as anti-cancer drugs in leukemia

New research has shown that no psychotropic cannabinoids of the cannabis plant could be effective anti-cancer drugs. The anti-cancer properties of THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, are recognized for many years. The study was conducted by the team at the St. George's University in London with leukemia cells. The team of Dr. Wai Liu and his colleagues conducted laboratory tests with a number of cannabinoids, either alone or in combination with the other. Of the studied cannabinoids exhibited any such strong anti-cancer properties as THC. Remarkably, they showed when combined together an increased effect on the cancer cells,.

Dr. Liu said: "These substances are able to affect the development of cancer cells to stop them on their way and prevent them from growing. they can destroy cancer cells In some cases, through the use of specific dosage pattern. In combination with available treatment methods we could discover some highly effective strategies for cancer therapy. "The study examined cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabigevarin (CBGV).

Press release of the St George's University of London. October 14, 2013