Hemp and Medicine Posted on 23 Mar 10:53


Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) may be regarded as the counterpart of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), since it suppresses the effect. It affects, among others, analgesic, anxiolytic, calming slightly, intraocular pressure-lowering, anti-epileptic and antibiotic.


Hemp and Medicine

In today's medicine, there would be a number of uses for cannabis products. Unfortunately, the intake of natural cannabis products for medical purposes in Central Europe with the exception of Holland is still not legal. Instead, at great expense synthetic cannabinoid compounds, such as dronabinol produced, which can be prescribed under strict medical supervision.

However, many patients believe that smoked cannabis looks much better than the synthetic or semi-synthetic preparations. This is probably due to the unique combination of active ingredients of the cannabis plant, which lacks the synthetic preparations containing only THC. In particular the absence of cannabidiol (CBD) is likely to be detrimental.

Another problem is that many doctors are still a negative attitude about cannabis, or not yet know about the medical benefits of cannabinoids know.