CBD High therapeutic potential Posted on 23 Mar 10:48

CBD High therapeutic potential


Recently, the American television station CNN has reported a lurid story about the fate of the seven-year-old Charlotte from the state of Colorado. She suffers from a whole rare but cruel form of epilepsy, the Dravet syndrome. The disease begins in the first months of life and is associated with partially over a hundred seizures a day, which are hardly treatable. The disease prevents normal development, a mental disability is the result. Meanwhile, Charlotte has the ability to walk, talk and eat almost entirely lost. Conventional medicine was at her wit's end. They even considered to put the child in an induced coma to allow his body a rest.
The father, meanwhile, sought diligently for a therapy that promises relief from his child - until he came across cannabis. After he had heard that a boy with Dravet syndrome in California was successfully treated with it, he wanted this must have therapy for Charlotte. The effect was striking: the spasms died within hours after.

High therapeutic potential

Rudolf cautery, pharmacist and specialist for cannabis at the University of Bern, reporting on CNN followed closely. About the amazing effect he was less surprised. Since he started in the mid 1990s as a Swiss pioneer of the cannabis research, he was able to observe such effects again. Exciting, however, he found the fact that with such contributions cannabis'm getting acceptable and had been pre-CBD, a constituent of the hemp plant without a"High" effect.

For a long time the research according to cautery has previously focused on THC. However, its application is a problem because of the intoxicating effect. While CBD, as recently discovered, neutralizes this effect, or at least reduced and in addition has a cancer and anti-inflammatory effect. Been known for is its anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, and nausea-relieving effect. "In addition, it has a low toxicity and few side effects," says the pharmacist.