Cannabinoids research Posted on 23 Mar 10:46

Momentum in research

THC and CBD are among the 66 cannabinoids to the most promising therapeutic agents. Cannabinoids have been used primarily to treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, against the side effects of chemotherapy or for chronic pain. The discovery of the CBD and its potency was loud cautery of cannabis research a new impetus. So cannabis is always open for the natural remedy new research approaches, such as use in breast cancer, or psychosis.

New impetus is also on the Swiss cannabis "Market": The revision of the Narcotics Act two years ago, the Federal Office of Public Health may recently also grant exemptions from natural cannabis, so far this only synthetic THC was reserved for the loud professionals, however, far less effective is.

This legal niche allows the use of Medizinalcannabis, although cultivation and consumption of THC-containing cannabis, as in most countries is still prohibited. However, even minor, international pharmaceutical companies to mix with this increasingly lucrative market. So soon comes "Sativex" on the Swiss market, inhalation spray on the basis of THC and CBD in the treatment of muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis. The same company has received these days in the U.S., the approval of clinical trials in epilepsy patients with a CBD-containing spray.