THE TOP 5 OF THE CBD-RICH VARIETIES Posted on 23 Mar 10:08


The following 5 varieties are those who have shown that they have a very high CBD content and are well suited for those who want to establish and / or grow their own medicine. You are highly recommended.


CBD Crew Shark Shock Shark Shock is one of the fine creations of the breeder of the CBD crew. The CBD crew are cannabis growers who defy the norm. They are not interested in mass-market THC-rich varieties and focus all their energy on CBD-rich, high-quality, medical varieties. Shark Shock is no exception, it is one of the few species where the CBD content outweighs that of THC. With an average THC content of 6.33% and a CBD content of as much as 7.28%, it is a perfect strain for medical users.
If you decide you to vaporize it (smoking is never really recommended), Shark Shock produces a sweet, fruity steam. Since their origin is mainly dominated by Indica, Shark Shock grows with small stature, has a short flowering period of about 8 weeks and can bring in close to 400g / m². She is a tough little plant and an enrichment in the collection of any medical breeder.





 The result of a joint venture of the CBD crew and the breeder of Dutch CBD - Skunkhaze is a great medical advancement of a classic variety. CBD Skunkhaze was definitely grown oriented on the medical users. This variety was bred to the desirable 1:1 ratio of THC: CBD to achieve, with 5% THC and 5% CBD came out. The result is a gentle and pleasant anesthetic, but more importantly, a potent medicine to combat the many ailments that CBD absorbs's grain.
CBD Skunkhaze simultaneously produces a spicy, fresh, lemony and minty steam. As the name suggests, CBD Skunkhaze a 50/50 Sativa / Indica hybrid. It is big, but not overwhelming and has a flowering time of about 10 weeks. You can produce income in the range of 450g / m².





Royal Highness is Royal Queen Seeds' response to medical varieties. Although the specific THC and CBD levels are not known, both are given by the breeder to be very high - and both we here at Zamnesia, as well as medical patients agree. It creates a frenzy, in which the head remains very clear and focused, while the treated complaints are effectively addressed.
If it is vaporized, Royal Highness has a pronounced sweet taste that has skunkige undertones. There is another variety that is easy to handle for beginners in the cultivation itself. It grows like an indica, small and sturdy in stature and has a flowering time of about 8-9 weeks




And yet another variety that was created by the breeders of the CBD Crew - CBD Nordle that transcends the boundaries of the CBD to the next level. It has a tested CBD content of at most 8.97 percent, with the THC content is at 6.43 percent. It is a work of art of breeding and a testament to the skills of the CBD crew. There are few varieties that would give finer Medicine; the focus in this grade is the treatment, not waiting to be high. You'll hardly find a variety with higher CBD content (even if we are sure that we will succeed the CBD team).
If it is vaporized, CBD Nordle has a very strong and herbaceous taste. She is a very beginner-friendly plant that grows with small stature, in a form similar to a Christmas tree. CBD Nordle is dominated by Indica hybrid that blooms around the 8-10 weeks and can produce up to 500g / m².



CBD Medicare Haze is the latest creation of the CBD crew. It is dominated by a sativa strain that has been enriched with an insane CBD content. Tests have shown that the CBD can reach content in this strain up to 8 percent, with the THC content reaches only 4 percent! It is once again an amazing feat of breeding and perfect for medical patients.
If you CBD Medicare evaporate Haze, they will produce a spicy, minty taste. When dominated by Sativa variety, CBD Medicare Haze can grow quite high. After its heyday from 9-10 weeks, they can bring in an income of 450-550g / m².