Cannabis Research: A selection of the most important medical studies Posted on 23 Mar 09:52

The use of cannabis for medical, recreational and leisure purposes has a long and rich history. The plant is used and cultivated since the dawn of recorded history, and enjoyed the highest reputation for a long time. Only in the last hundred years, marijuana was banned - mainly because of the mudslinging by politicians and industrialists. Fortunately, cannabis has experienced in recent years a resurrection, not least by many scientific studies that confirm its healing powers.
Demonstration of medical use of marijuana dates back to the year 2900 BC, when Emperor Fu of China recognized its medicinal properties. But it's not just an era or a culture that has recognized its benefit. Marijuana had significant medical importance throughout the world. Evidence was found that it had been used in the past in Africa, Europe, Asia and even parts of the U.S. continent for the treatment of various diseases.
It was around 1930 that the ban on marijuana was adopted for the first time. It began in America and spread to the rest of the world until it was finally classified as illegal even in the UN Charter. Cannabis is still classified in many countries in the same category as harmful drugs; in the U.S. for example it is technically still a Class I drug and is thus performed in the same class as heroin.
Despite the war against drugs, the use of marijuana increased progressively and government attempts to control it are, all of them failed. People are still looking for the benefits of cannabis and there is very little scientific evidence that it should be so classified, as it is. To this end was to be seen in the last ten years, a massive increase in independent scientific research - as more and more people begin to question the logic behind the prohibition of marijuana in question. There are now over 20,000 scientific papers have been published in which cannabis and cannabinoids were investigated, of which almost a third of them have been published in the past 3 years. More and more research finds out that cannabis not only to those who use it, not harm, but even that it can serve as a very real and effective drug.
Together with the political pressure, determined by the research positive effects of cannabis has caused a snowball effect and its dynamics begin to change the political landscape. Looking to the decade-long, failed war on drugs investigate governments around the world now, as the medical use of marijuana should be classified. Medical marijuana has been legalized already in 20 states and a number of countries throughout Europe.

The following is a selection of research results of the many medical benefits of cannabis.

Alzheimer's disease (AD)
Chronic Pain
Gastrointestinal diseases
Multiple sclerosis
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Urinary Incontinence