"New York Times" calls for cannabis legalization Posted on 15 Jan 13:29

cannabis legalization

The "New York Times" is one of the most respected media outlets in the USA for the legalization of cannabis has spoken. In a sensational editorials have been for more than four decades valid prohibition with the times of Prohibition, from 1920 to 1933 is compared, were prohibited as manufacture and sale of alcohol in the United States strictly. It stated cannabis addiction bring compared to alcohol and tobacco dependence "relatively minor problems" with it.

In the editorial, the authors pointed out that pleasure-loving people would have been on drinking during Prohibition, which "law-abiding citizens have been turned into criminals and crime syndicates flourished." In addition, today were young black men, according to FBI statistics clearly bear the brunt of the result is "racist" cannabis prohibition.

According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2012, there were over 650,000 arrests for possession of marijuana - much more than cocaine, heroin and related drugs. U.S. President Barack Obama had already indicated that poor youth who belong to social minorities, often for marijuana use in jail migrate as better-off peers.

Although the "New York Times" said in her - even for internal editorial controversial - contribution for a ban on the sale of marijuana to adolescents under 21 years. For healthy adults seem "moderate consumption" but to pose a risk, which is why the law adopted by Congress at the federal level more than four decades prohibition was untimely. On the website of the newspaper some readers warned against underestimating the danger of the popular "gateway drug", others called the legalization overdue.