Hemp knowledge Posted on 15 Jan 13:25

Hemp knowledge

Hashish and marijuana, the two most famous cannabis products, today the world's most consumed illegal drugs. Consumers see are usually not as addicts. Indeed a addictive nature of cannabis has been able to be clearly supported by any single scientific study.

Since prehistoric times hemp in Europe and Asia is used as a drug, remedies and fiber supplier. In the last 2000 years, the hemp widespread in Africa and has been incorporated in the culture of many indigenous tribes. After the discovery of America, hemp was by the conquerors in the New World.

The hemp could play an important role in today's medicine. So he may very well fight that occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy nausea for instance. Also in the Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy he has found entrance.

Today, cannabis is banned almost worldwide. Objective scientific studies were not a decisive factor for the ban. Rather, it is to aspirations of the USA back in the 30s. The reasons for this were racist, power-political and economic motives. Not only possession and consumption of hemp products were criminalized by this ban, but also the cultivation. This was not only the production of medicines from cannabis illegal, but also its use as a source of fiber, which destroyed an entire industry.

Meanwhile, the use of cannabis in many countries will (again) be tolerated. The Medicinal Use of Cannabis, however, is still not legal. However, there are prescription drugs with synthetic or semi-synthetic cannabinoids, which are used in many countries. Their effect is however often experienced by consumers unpleasant than those of natural cannabis, such as hashish or marijuana.